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Tesla self-driving upgrade




Joey Klender in News21 hours ago

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta ‘button’ set to arrive tonight: Here’s what to expect

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is set to release its newest version of the Full Self-Driving Beta later tonight via a software update. Among the improvements is set to be the long-awaited arrival of the “Beta Button,” which will allow owners to potentially join the Beta program, giving them full access to the most recent release of the FSD program. Here’s what to expect from the arrival of “The Button.”

Tesla FSD Subscription and ‘Download Beta’ button coming soon



Seeing “the Button” does not mean you will be admitted to the FSD Beta program

Although the first details of the FSD Button seemed to indicate that anyone who wanted to be a part of the Beta program could, it simply will not work that way. CEO Elon Musk, along with some other executives and board members, has confirmed over the past few weeks that the admittance to the Beta Program will be reliant on the driving behavior of owners throughout the past seven days.

“Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using Tesla insurance calculator,” Musk tweeted last week in response to a question regarding how Tesla would choose new Beta program members. “If driving behavior is good for 7 days, beta access will be granted.”



Long story short, if you were testing your instant torque at red lights over the past week, don’t be surprised if Tesla denies your request to join the Beta program. It is crucial for the company only to include drivers who will responsibly utilize FSD, especially as the inclusion of more owners to the program will add more data to the Tesla Neural Network, improving the performance of the FSD suite with every mile driven.

More Data is going to be accumulated, and FSD will consistently improve

As previously mentioned, including more drivers in the Beta program will only help Tesla accumulate more data for the Neural Network. With every mile driven, Tesla’s software becomes more robust and can comprehend the unpredictability of human drivers, making FSD more accurate and more confident in its maneuvers. Tesla has already accumulated tens of billions of miles in its Neural Network, and the expansion of the Beta pool will only help this figure increase.

There’s a chance the Button won’t arrive tonight

While the Button is expected to be released this evening, it is possible to be delayed. While relatively accurate with their release dates, especially with FSD Beta software updates that have rolled out like clockwork every other Friday, Tesla has a history of being slightly off schedule. If the Button is delayed, drivers could likely expect it to arrive in the next update, which will occur two weeks from this evening.

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