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We Are Colorado Independent Drivers United

Colorado Independent Drivers United (CIDU) is a Union by and for Rideshare, Delivery, Pedicab, Taxi, and Limousine drivers. We are an open union for any and all full-time and part-time drivers in Colorado. We are joining together and using collective action to fight for fair pay & mileage rates, affordable healthcare & benefits, health & safety protections, and a voice in the development and regulation of the autonomous vehicle market.

We love driving for a living and we love having flexibility and control over our schedules as Drivers. However, our ability to earn a living wage shouldn’t be at the mercy of secret algorithms that are designed to maximize profits for app-based platforms. Whether we are driving for Rideshare or trying to compete with them by driving a Taxi or Limousine. We know that by joining together for fair competition in a regulated market, we can fight to ensure that all of us can share in a future that includes fair compensation + dignity and respect on the job.

Colorado Independent Drivers United is affiliated with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7777. CWA is a National Union that represents tens of thousands of fellow workers in the transportation industry as well as workers in telecommunications, healthcare, finance, technology, news media, nonprofits, and the public sector.


Your Issues Are Our Issues, We Want to Hear From You

To improve our ability to work collectively towards making improvements in our industry, we have put together a short survey to identify issues and understand the needs and concerns of independent drivers in Colorado. The collection of data from this survey is for internal CIDU purposes only and the survey results are private. Your answers and contact information will not be shared with any third-parties.


Take the CIDU Survey