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CIDU Strike Recap

One week ago, drivers across the nation took united action to demand fair pay, an end to unjust terminations, and safety protections on the job. This widespread movement was organized by eight different driver groups, and their actions resonated in ten different cities.

In Colorado, drivers in solidarity turned off their apps and over 250 drivers participated in a strike at Denver International Airport. Their collective efforts effectively shut down the airport commercial lot from 3 pm to 7 pm. Furthermore, many drivers responded to the call and went on strike for a full 24 hours.

The Denver commercial lot buzzed with fellow drivers passionately chanting, marching, and speakers expressing their outrage against the numerous injustices perpetuated by gig app companies. The lot was packed with drivers, and numerous individuals came to witness the significant surge in prices prompted by the strike. Faced with this situation, they had to either leave the lot or join the strike!

The CIDUs strike followed the disheartening defeat of the "Gig Work Transparency" bill, which had been opposed by Democratic Senator Kyle Mullica just two days earlier. Our display of strength served as a warning to politicians who oppose basic protections for drivers, asserting that we will not be silenced! Additionally, we set the stage for a new battleground in the City of Denver, as the Mayoral and City Council runoff election will conclude on June 6th. We were honored to have two City Council candidates attend the event and deliver speeches in support of our endeavor to achieve respect and dignity in the workplace.




The Denver Election is Coming!

The Denver Election run-off is here and the elections end on June 6th. Colorado Independent Drivers United- Communication Workers of America Local 7777 have made their endorsements and we are endorsing:

Mayor- Mike Johnston

City Council District 8- Shontel Lewis

City Council District 9- Candi CdeBaca

Join the Union

CIDU is completely made up of drivers, as such we obviously have little resources. While we fight multi-billion dollar corporations who use their profits (made by us) to further take from our rides, we use driver power to accomplish our goals. This is done through building power in organization, we do this by talking to our fellow drivers about the need to struggle against the companies greed but also by building our membership and resources.

If you are not a dues paying member of the Union but would like to be, please visit CIDU-CWA7777.org to join. Dues are $12.50/month for part-time or $25/month for full-time drivers. Please don't sit on the sideline and let other drivers support this movement, join now!

Author: Brian Winkler
Published on: 2023-05-11, 9:47 PM UTC