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CIDU Rally and Legislative Press Advisory

WHAT: Rally in Support of the Gig Work Transparency Act

WHO: Colorado Gig Workers, legislators, and community organizations 

WHEN: Monday, January 30, 2023 at 12:00PM (Plan to be parked and entering the Capitol by 11:30am)

WHERE: West Foyer of the State Capitol, 200 East Colfax, Denver 


On Monday, Colorado gig workers organizing with Colorado Independent Drivers United (CIDU), Communication Workers of America Local 7777, consumers, and advocates will host a rally in support of a soon to be introduced Senate bill.  This bill will provide gig workers and customers more transparency by requiring gig companies, such as Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, to provide drivers with accurate information related to their wages, time worked, expenses, and total time driving each week. The bill will also require gig companies to provide information about how much of a given fare will go to a driver and how much will go to the gig company before a customer chooses a tip. 


“With recent increases in inflation and the price of gas, drivers like me who were already struggling to make ends meet for our families are finding it even harder to know what our take-home pay will be,” said Ayomi Meadows, a member of CIDU. “Workers are excited about the introduction of this bill because it will not only allow us to have transparency into our own wages and earnings, but allow customers to have a better understanding of where their money is going and into whose pockets.”


Under current law, Big Gig companies are not required to provide an accurate and complete breakdown of drivers’ costs and wages, which can make it confusing for drivers to know what they're actually earning. Without this data, it is nearly impossible for drivers to know their actual out-of-pocket expenses, or understand the costs of working as a driver for a Big Gig company. 


“The bill will finally give us some insight into what gig workers are really earning and provide a process for drivers to challenge unfair or discriminatory terminations,” said bill sponsor Senator Robert Rodriguez.  “When rideshare and delivery companies don’t provide information on fares, rates, or expenses to drivers – or terminate a driver's account without explanation or recourse – it’s not only taking resources from independent drivers and their families but from Colorado communities.”


The bill will also require gig companies to disclose ride destinations and fares to all drivers before they are required to accept a ride, and companies must disclose any other offers made for the same job to other drivers. Finally, the bill will require gig companies to provide anti-discrimination protections to their drivers and create a transparent and quick process for drivers to challenge unfair or discriminatory terminations. 


“Workers do not actually have the flexibility and autonomy that the companies claim they have. This bill provides drivers flexibility, transparency, and certainty about their earnings and expenses so they can make more informed decisions about their work and better plan for their financial future,” said David Seligman, Executive Director of Towards Justice. “Just as importantly, the bill protects drivers from discrimination and allows drivers to challenge unfair terminations, so they aren’t unexpectedly unable to work for long periods of time.”

Author: Brian Winkler
Published on: 2023-01-28, 6:49 PM UTC