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CIDU App-Based Driver Rally

Title CIDU App-Based Driver Rally
Description Given the financial burden of rising gas prices, no control over fares for rideshare and delivery work, zero protections from deactivation, we have formulated a list of demands calling on app companies and the Colorado government to do right by independent drivers! The Colorado Independent Drivers United have been on the front line of fighting for drivers issues. As a member driven union we have taken input from fellow drivers throughout the state and have come up with a list of pressing demands! We demand: SIGN Petition here: Twenty-five percent (25%) cap on the amount Uber and Lyft take from drivers' fares $2 Surcharge per ride to offset gas prices for delivery and rideshare drivers An END to arbitrary and discriminatory deactivations Enforcement by the PUC of the TNC Act of 2014 (for more information on the Act visit shorturl.at/cnuFQ) In order to PRESSURE the companies and force the government to finally enforce the TNC Act of 2014, we are gathering at the State Capitol on Thursday, October 6th at NOON! Shut off your apps for 2 hours and let’s prove a point!!!
Start Date 2022-10-06, 12 PM UTC
End Date 2022-10-06, 3 PM UTC
Location Colorado State Capitol
Max Participants
Participants Andrew Jones
Debra Medina